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Elisa Giomi (Roma Tre University), Francesca Dragotto, (University of Roma ‘Tor Vergata’) and Sonia Melchiorre (University of Tuscia, Italy) su

Putting Women Back in their Place: Reflections around sexist hate speech and slut shaming on Italian social media,


Compared to racist and ethnicist discourses, literature on sexist discourses – both off and on-line – as hate speech is relatively underinvestigated (Lilian 2007). This is partly due to the tendency to minimize accusations of sexism (Worth et al. 2015) and to reframe misogyny as ‘acceptable’ by constructing it as a form of humor (Drakett, Rikett 2018). Such a tendency, although widespread, is strong  in Italy as it colludes with ‘anti-politically correctness’ rhetorics, which dismisses accusations of sexism as moralism or attempts to restrict freedom of speech.

We decided to focus on slut-shaming, one of the most virulent forms of hate speech…

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